Please note: As is normal in the technology industry (as opposed to academia), the technical research I do is typically not for the public domain. The following papers, however, are in the public domain. None of these documents are deemed to be the intellectual property of; or the result of research owned by my current employer or of any previous employer.

Differentiation and Absolute Continuity

An exploration of the concepts of continuity and absolute continuity and how they relate to differentiation. Covers some important theorems and their proofs, some of which are complex.

Required background: Graduate level calculus.

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C++ View Objects

An essay showing how the concept of a view, which is something used mainly in databases, can also be used when working with C++ standard containers. That is, one can create multiple views of the same container without making separate copies of the container.

Originally published in Dr Dobbs Journal in 2006 and presented at a talk I gave at the C++ Connections event in Las Vegas held in 2005, which marked the 20th anniversary of C++.

Required background: Familiarity with C++

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